Projekte der Firma Leineweber

Monitoring of more than 80 wind power plants for nPOWER in the UK

At this moment 3 Leineweber EFIs collect data at the English wind power plants Taff Ely, Mynydd Gorddu und Windy Standard.

More than 8000 datapoints are requested from proprietary systems, analysed and visualized on site, mean values and historical data are calculated and saved, control commands are implemented, data is send at the speed of light, received by a server, checked, formated, distributed to databases, alerts are made, evaluated and reported, all measured data can be used from everywhere around the world … and in this second the next 8000 datapoints come in!


Monitoring pumpstations for directing groundwater in the opencast mining of RWE-Rheinbraun

In NRW there is a huge brown coal opencast mining for energy production. The mining areas can be up to 150 m deep in the ground, so the ground water has to be lowered and directed continuously.For this there are about 1700 pumpstations (wells) built around the areas, and the gauges have to be requested and checked all the time.

These stations are linked to a central point via GPRS and have to stabilize the set value. This function works with frequency converters. It was our job to develop and install a data collecting system, that controls the frequency converters and sends all process data to the Leineweber-Zentrale.


Data logging and controlling for waterquality in sewage treatment plants

The increasing populousness, especially in overcrowded areas, causes a higher demand of clean water. Therefor the sewage treatment plants need to provide a fast high-quality watercleaning. This goal can be achieved by the help of measurements of water quality and water level on site.

So we equiped the sewage treatment plants with databases for data logging and controlling of outer devices. The databases are connected with subordinated stations via modem or leased line. The whole system is a typical client/slave system. It combines coupling all subordianted stations with the possibility for users to access server data via intranet/browser. There are several convenient funtions for users, such as voice announcement of errors or access to the server en route.


Implementation of a gas accounting system for Ober-Österreichische Ferngas AG

The onward deregulation of the gas sector causes a more transparent exposition of charges and a suitable accounting of the gas amount. So the provider needs to collect, save and send the gas consumption data very precisely (half-hour or hour steps).

We solved this problem for our client Ober-Österreichische Ferngas AG with a series of devices that has been intergrated into the existing system.

Battery buffed measuring stations including counting cards enable an accurate data logging of gas amount as well as a reliable data transfer. All connected counters are readout periodically, the data is transfered to the main station and important information is visualized via display. Alerts and other parameters can be adjusted remotely.This system enables the gas provider to document all data and react quickly in case of error.