EFI – der schnelle Datenlogger

Easy to use, flexible, intelligent ... EFI

µ-Efi Typ BGA

EFI - our fast operating datalogger, an adaptive protocol converter , a self-sufficient, webbased controller. EFI collects data from your device, your PLC or your sensor: The EFI connects your infrastructure via ethernet or intern GPRS modem with your database and visualizes your process data.

The EFI is a compact and tough allrounder, that can control and send/file data reliably. Its modular structure is able to fulfill all your requirements.

µ-Efi Typ BGA

µ-Efi type BGA

Our BGA-EFI makes your measurement device become a self-sufficient measuring station. It can be integrated into existing measuring systems or even be linked to measurement devices with serial interfaces(RS232, RS485, RS422, TCPIP oder UDP), where it enables an easy extern access to your devices. With the help of the intern Micro-SD slot your data gets saved and filed. More details [PDF]

µ-Efi Typ FPGA

µ-Efi type FPGA

The approved preceding model of the BGA-EFI is also designed for use in a harsh enviroment. It saves short time values as well als halfhour values and is parameterisable from a distance. The FPGA can be easily installed in a switchboard via DIN rail adapter. Its minor power consumption allows the use of battery or a solarpanel. More details [PDF]


Additional boards forµ-EFIs:


Due to the modular design all µ-EFIs can be extanded in all kind of ways for you individual needs. Analogue and digital IN/OUT, additional interfaces: Plug and Play without installation of drivers!

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Multi-IO-Board (Abb. mit zusätzlichem RS232-Board)


The Multi-IO-Board gives your µ-EFI 6 additional analogue INs (0-20mA, 4-20mA oder 0-10V), 12 digital INs (4x fast 30kHz register and if needed, even more) and 4 digital Outs. Both, INs and OUTs are separated galvanically. All analogue channels are gauged electrically, the IN type is set under construction(Standard: 4-20mA). All INs can be parameterized free and so can scale your measurement signals. All OUTs are "open collectors", that switch up to 0,5 Ampere (bei 24 Volt) directly.

Mini-IO-Board und Mini-IO-Hart

Mini-IO-Board and Mini-IO-Hart

The Mini-IO-Board has 3 analogue, 4 digital INs as well as 4 digital OUTs.The INs and OUTs are separated galvanically. Optional the board can have a Highway-Addressable-Remote-Transducer for coomunication via Hart protocol.



This additional board gives your EFI a fully coded Modbus interface (Master/Slave). It also has 4 digital INs and 2 analogue INs.


16-DO Board

16-DO Board

The 16 DO Board has 16 galvanic separated Darlington OUTs. Everyone of these open collector OUTs can be switched individually. There are lights to show you the state of each one.

RS232-Board (Abb. mit zusätzlichem Multi-IO-Board)


You have many serial measurement devices and need additional interfaces? You want to send your data to extern devices or want to connect an additional modem? Add 4 additional fully coded RS 232-interfaces to your EFI. You can parametrerize every one of them individually.



The ProfiBus (Process Field Bus) is the most successful fieldbus-system worldwide. This adapter can be used to connect your ProfiBus with your EFI.

Stand-Alone RS232/RS485 DA Konverter

Stand-Alone RS232/RS485 DA Converter

This small protocol converter extracts up to 4 measured values of your serial devices and changes them into 0-10 Volt. If needed we can attune the adapter to your device.

Multi IO-Board

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Leineweber Webzentrale

Bildbeschreibung Bildbeschreibung Bildbeschreibung

Measured data has to be saved, administrated and evaluated.

Leineweber-Zentrale is a modern and economic way with many benefits: A databas egives you all possibilities to store and evaluateyour data; it works stable, efficient and license free.

The Leineweber-Zentrale has a Web-Interface, that enables you to evaluate all collected data e.g. in a graph on a webbrowser. The user interface is designed for an intuitive use, as known from the internet. Access is possible from every point of your company and even en route. Of course there are all required kinds of safetychecks included.